Kew Gardens threatened by British government

This video is about Kew Gardens in greater London, England.

From the World Socialist Web Site:

Job cuts threatened at UK’s Kew Gardens

The Public and Commercial Services union (PCS) says 125 jobs are at risk at the world-famous Kew Gardens as a result of funding cuts proposed by the Department for Food and Rural Affairs.

The PCS says the cuts would threaten the world-renowned scientific research carried out at Kew.

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12 thoughts on “Kew Gardens threatened by British government

  1. Why keep the gardens for the public? costing taxpayers money, why not erect council flats at Trafalgar Square, and sell the Tate paintings and art to raise money for turning the Tate Gallery, and into more council flats. We do not want art and such trivia, we need more porridge.


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