Non-Muslim PTSD soldier kills, Islamophobe calls for massacring Muslims

This video from the USA says about itself:

Islamophobia: Melissa Boigon at TEDxGallatin 2013

22 September 2013

Melissa Boigon is a graduate of the NYU Gallatin School of Individualized Study. Her studies focused on the relationship between international political dynamics and prejudices against Muslims in the United States.

As an Iraq war veteran with PTSD killed others and himself in Texas … some extreme Rightists think we need far more bloodshed still.

By James Bloodworth in Britain:

Breitbart contributor: “Time for Americans to start slaughtering Muslims in the streets”

April 3, 2014

A contributor to right-wing Breitbart website has called on Twitter for Americans to “start slaughtering Muslims in the streets”.


A writer for the American-based conservative website, which recently set up in the UK, made the comment on Twitter as news broke of a shooting at the Ford Hood military base in Texas. There is no evidence whatsoever that the perpetrator of the attack was a Muslim.

Dollard’s Twitter profile lists him as a ‘contributing journalist’ at Breitbart and he has his own author’s page on the website – albeit with no articles.

Pat Dollardj

Breitbart recently started a UK franchise, headed by Telegraph journalist James Delingpole and Raheem Kassam of the Henry Jackson Society. Let’s hope that none of the writers for the British site share Dollard’s bloodthirsty and racist sentiments.

Why the Iraq war has produced more PTSD than the conflict in Afghanistan: here.

Some who suffer from PTSD never get better: here.

New York Police Unit That Spied on Muslims Is Disbanded: here.

Britain: A Conservative local election candidate who tweeted that it was good to be anti-Islam and that the Islam was the “religion of rape”, has had to resign just weeks after being chosen to represent the party in the Brentwood local elections: here.

Number of UK war veterans seeking help for mental health issues on the rise: here.

73 thoughts on “Non-Muslim PTSD soldier kills, Islamophobe calls for massacring Muslims

  1. All this in the name of some oil. I don’t believe the Iraq veteran was Muslim, just someone with mental problems after serving there. Maybe even someone who saw the torture inflicted on some locals by Allied troops.
    Some of these countries want a degree of democracy but helping them rather than invading them is perhaps a better way to get it, and perhaps Western democracy at the point of a rifle barrel is not what they want, nor invaders of their lands.
    It’s time to stop being the policemen of the world but to concentrate on the problems at home. Exert diplomacy on foreign governments to stop mistreating women, stop them murdering gays, stop them abusing children. Teach them of the wrong they commit and guide them to benevolent dictatorship and stop sending troops out to kill and be killed then they might not feel the need to retaliate.


    • Indeed, everything indicates that veteran was not Muslim. “Lopez” sounds like Spanish or Latin American ancestry. Roman Catholicism, not Islam, is the biggest religion there. It is absurd to accuse all Roman Catholics of being terrorist; and very few people do so (execept maybe a few “loyalist” paramilitary people in Belfast). Likewise, Muslims in general should not be accused of being terrorists. Even if that veteran would have been Muslim, that would have been HIS individual actions, not of other Muslims who had nothing to do with it.

      Indeed, the veteran’s mental illness may very well have been caused by the Iraq war. The original pretexts for that war were the supposed weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. And the supposed involvement of Iraq in the 9/11 attacks. Both lies. When these lies were exposed as lies, then the Bush administration and its propagandists started “bringing democracy to Iraq” as a new pretext. Of course, the invasion resulted in millions of deaths, wounded and refugees, not in democracy.



  2. Great post. Do you mind if I repost the video and attribute it to your page? She points out so eloquently what I try to in conversation so often (having grown up a Christian around Muslims). I have been telling people forever, well, in the US, the muslims I grew up around were peaceful and veeeeery CARING.

    For that reason Islamophobia (based on stereotypes that all are extremists) breaks my heart.


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