16 thoughts on “Hitler’s propaganda in 1930s Britain

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  2. Thank heavens Churchill was awake to the right wing and didn’t allow them to activate their pro fascist plots. The world would be a very different place had they come to power and persuaded people that fascism and the final solution with Jews was right.


    • Yes, Rudolf Hess’ plan in 1941 was a British-German “peace” giving Hitler a free hand for all-out war on the Soviet Union. Though some Conservatives favoured that, Churchill did not.


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  4. GERMANY: A furniture chain apologised yesterday for selling mugs with Adolf Hitler’s face on them.

    The ceramic cups feature an image of a nazi-era postage stamp with Hitler’s profile on it, postmarked with a swastika stamp.

    The Zurbrueggen furniture chain apologised for the “terrible” mistake, which it blamed on “a stupid chain of unfortunate circumstances.”

    No-one spotted the fuehrer’s face until 175 were sold



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  6. Good Nazi mothers sound amazing like good Christian mothers in the States. The only difference seems to be that in stead of teaching your kids to be good Nazis, you teach them to be good fundamentalists. I’m not sure how much difference there is.


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