31 thoughts on “Worldwide NSA political and economic spying, new Snowden documents

  1. The downside or unexpected side effect of all these NSA activities are that companies now stay away from US products that have to with IT (like cloud services, software etc.). The NSA’s mission may to make the US safer, but it might well also make it poorer …


  2. The NSA, having to empower the rich and create individuals to become the barons and the royals, that either take the planet towards the destruction of the planet, and yet to empower the lower classes, when I listen to the commoners and their thoughts as with the stuff that fills their mind and what may be describe as the morality they hold as? or lack, one cannot help being filled with a feeling of despair, are these people desirable to empower?
    Did Marx revolutionary ideas really mean empowering the common people on production and management? what ever way you look at the politics of this world, you feel you are in dire straights.
    Of course the low level of consciousness that one is surrounded by, is compounded by the masses being controlled for some centuries by the elites to stay in power and also give the public the false reality of believing they are in control of their own lives.
    To divert, in the town I live in many almost most of the people who frequent the streets have tattoos that sometimes cover the whole of their limbs, and as a landlord I refused a tattooist a lease for this business, I even felt guilty that I was becoming a moral prude, the tattooist eventually found alternative premises, what did I achieve? the public hungers for these marks upon their skin, regardless of the poisoning of these oxides entering into the blood stream, is this the elite at work satisfying a hunger of self expression of a dubious kind?


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