Costa Rica, Baltimore oriole and squirrel

This video says about itself:

Costa Rica Ecotourism – Rain Forest, Wildlife, Volcanos.

After our arrival yesterday, now 14 March 2014, our first full day in Costa Rica: in Alajuela.

Like yesterday, a great-tailed grackle.

A Baltimore oriole on top of a tree full of flowers.

A red-billed pigeon.

A  Montezuma oropendola in a tree.

This is a Montezuma oropendola video.

Red-tailed squirrel, 14 March 2014

A red-tailed squirrel.

A clay-coloured thrush, The national bird of Costa Rica. Not because of its plumage, but because of its beautiful song.

Black vultures circling.

Much more on this day and later days in Costa Rica, and photos, will come later,

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13 thoughts on “Costa Rica, Baltimore oriole and squirrel

  1. What a magnificent bird! We had a couple of Baltimore Orioles passing through (as always) in our Kingston, Jamaica garden a few weeks ago. We see them every year for a short time, then they are gone.

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