To the wildlife in Costa Rica, 13 March

This music video from the USA is called Dionne WarwickDo You Know The Way To San Jose?

However, this blog post is about a different San Jose; the capital of Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is only 0,04% of the surface of planet Earth. However, 5% of all wildlife species can be seen there.

So, I went there on 13 March 2014.

Our plane departed; first, to Panama.

At the international airport of Panama, I saw my first Central American birds. Great-tailed grackles flying around.

This video is about a great-tailed grackle singing near an airport in California, USA.

Further away at Panama airport, birds of prey circling. Too far away to see what species exactly.

There, we transferred to Costa Rica.

This video is called Bird Photography Workshop – Costa Rica (With Wildlife Photographer Glenn Bartley).

Costa Rica 2014 presidential elections: here.

17 thoughts on “To the wildlife in Costa Rica, 13 March

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