Painter Mondriaan’s writings will be published

This video says about itself:

Piet Mondrian – A Journey Through Modern Art.

Music by Philip Glass from “Glassworks” Track 6 – Closing (Instrumental).

Dutch daily NRC writes that all writings by Dutch artist Piet Mondriaan will be published.

Work on this will start tomorrow, with transcription and annotation of 54 letters passed between Mondriaan and United States artist Harry Holtzman.

Mondriaan wrote about 1,500 letters and 125 theoretical writings.

From the NRC article:

Assistant Curator Wietse Coppes, involved in the project as a Mondriaan expert, suspect that the letters will adjust the image of Mondriaan as severe person.

“His letters indeed show his frivolous side. Mondriaan was a good cook and loved vegetarian food, he was a gifted dancer and a big music lover.”

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