Snowy owl on Vlieland, video

This is a video about a snowy owl on Vlieland island, the Netherlands.

Otte Zijlstra made this video.

There were two snowy owls in the sand dunes of Vlieland.

Unfortunately, one of them has died. A tourist found it at Dodemansbol (Dead man’s dune). The cause of its death is under investigation.

Snowy owl on Ameland: here.

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13 thoughts on “Snowy owl on Vlieland, video

  1. Vlieland, my favorite island when doing a “vacation without leaving the country”. When I was a little kid we always went there because a friend of my parents owned a house there. And not just any house but (as they told me) it used to be owned by Michiel de Ruyter. appearantly thats why the glob (I believe they call it that instead of “steeg”) was called the Michiel de Ruyter glob

    Haven’t been there for years but it was a good place to spot wildlife. Owls however not that much. geat to see these gorgeous birds there. To bad one has died, do they know if it was natural or if it was “owlslaughter”?


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