Wild boar piglets

This is a video about wild boar piglets, filmed in wildlife park Het Aardhuis in the Veluwe region in Netherlands on 27 March 2013.

Spring weather was cold then. So, the piglets huddled together to keep warm.

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19 thoughts on “Wild boar piglets

  1. They’re so cute, especially when the piglets pile up on top of each other and enjoy the sun. Thank you for finding and posting this video!

    (For those not wanting to see the whole video, here are some of the more interesting times:
    2:45 piglets pile up
    3:30 more piglets joining the piling
    5:10 mummy sow and piglets piling
    6:25 another sow joins the piling
    8:20 perfect piling of piglets
    9:30 foraging sounder)


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