Lighthouse Award, thank you holley4734!

Lighthouse Award

holley4734 of the blog Destino was so generous to nominate Dear Kitty. Some blog for the Lighthouse Award.

Thank you for this wonderful gesture!

The rules for the Lighthouse Award are:

1. Display the award certificate on your blog.

2. Inform your nominees of their award nominations.

3. Share three ways that you like to help other people.

4. There is no limit to the number of people that you can nominate.

5. Don’t forget to have fun!!

Helping people:

1. Inform then on issues often not found in the mainstream media.

2. Help them to think critically.

3. Point out where in the world there is beauty and hope.

My nominees are:

1. petitemagique

2. It Is What It Is

3. Canadian Museum of Nature

4. thisyearinmusic


6. Mungai and the Goa Constrictor

7. ExploreDreamDiscover Talks

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