12 thoughts on “Israel, environment, ammunition and corporate greed

  1. The Jewish appetite for business will ensure the beaches will become corporation development, the military having done its job in clearing the beach for any loiterers that may interfere with the long range profitability of this real estate.


    • “The Jewish appetite for business” is a cliche from anti-Semitism; from which I strongly dissociate myself. The “appetite for business” is typical for capitalists; whether they are Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Shinto, atheist, or whatever.


      • The history of people such as the Rothschilds, and financing war, such as the British/Napolean war is a notable example of profiteering of war, I understand Cromwell, financed the war within Britain, from Jewish bankers, naturally I am not a historian, as I obviously not around to know of these two examples, I am relying on historians for this information, the Balfour treaty, according to Wiki, and many other sources, had a input from the Rothschilds, if this is true, I understand this treaty had a important input as to the WW2, this input is connected to the Rothschilds.
        Also I have had comments from you in the past regarding your sympathy on our comments, I do not want to be personal as to your cultural associations, if you are by blood connected to this culture, I suggest my comments will avoid any political associations on these differences between us, and in future I will comment only on issues that are outside, this realm.


        • The Balfour declaration, during World War I, about then Ottoman Empire Palestine, did not cause World War II at all. The cause was Hitler’s wish for imperial expansion to Poland and further east; and his demand to have German African colonies back.


          • If as I understand the Balfour declaration and the reparation imposed upon Germany were not possible for Germany to pay, I am not saying the Balfour treaty was the reason for WW2, but a significant contribution to this war, the reason for concern for Germany was the British, France, having significant colonies, this marginalization, created a fervor for the idea of the German Fatherland, the Germans were the most advanced technically society in the world, having Britain becoming a inferior technological society, Britain resented this position of inferiority, instigated Britain to become involved with this war, of fear as to being threatened, Britain had no real allegiance to Poland, the Polish fighter pilots showed in WW2, how British pilots were of great inferiority, as fighters, at the end of the war, Britain did have nothing to do with Poland, they were not represented in the commemorative war march at the end of the in London, to say Britain became involved with WW2, as a result of Poland is to my mind astonishing, other than Britain is rewriting history.


              • The promise of land to the Jews, by Britain, I suggest is payment in real estate, in reference to the Balfour treaty, the payment in money relating to the Versailles treaty, is in fact payment as financial compensation, and also a questionable cost to Germany that was to my mind criminal.


                • During the first world war, the British empire made promises to both Zionists and Arab nationalists on Ottoman Palestine, intending to divide and rule Palestine as a “little Ulster”. Completely a separate issue from Germany and the Versailles treaty.


                • I am not sure where you are getting your information from petri, The World Zionist Organization, had a connection with the British mandate, 1919, the King Crane Commission, made a distinct reference to the Balfour declaration, I dispute the angle you have put forward on your analysis of the Jewish problem and the British collusion, with the Jews, in part this connection is the Jews have infiltrated the British establishment, as for instance Churchill, blood connection with the Jews.
                  Are you able to give any reference of British alliance with the Jews and Arabs, to substantiate your claim of Britain having its foot in both camps?


  2. Winston Churchill, far from having any “blood connection with the Jews” (all human blood is red by the way), made anti-Semitic statements at some points in his life:


    There is no “Jewish problem”. Like there is no “Muslim problem”; no “Roma problem” and no “Aborigines problem” in Australia. Racism is the problem.

    Any further anti-Semitic comments at my blog will be deleted.


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