YMCA played at Sochi Winter Olympics, video

This Dutch television video, recorded in the speed skating stadium at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, says about itself:

15 Feb 2014

After President Putin hugged the bi-sexual 3Km speedskating gold medalist Ireen Wüst to show the Russian “man/woman in the street” that all people whether hetero or homo or bi are equal, the music band “small beer” [Kleintje Pils] played purposely the overtly gay YMCA song during the 1500m speed skating in Sochi.

How US Evangelicals Helped Create Russia’s Anti-Gay Movement: here.

Scott Lively, who has taken credit for inspiring Russia’s controversial ‘gay propaganda’ law, says Christian rockstar Vicky Beeching is misguided to claim she is a lesbian: here.

If Vanessa-Mae lost a bit of dignity in the slalom, she gained a lot of respect. Competing for gold is only part of what the Olympics is about – the violinist showed Sochi how coming last can also be a triumph: here.


3 thoughts on “YMCA played at Sochi Winter Olympics, video

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