30 thoughts on “Suffragette Sylvia Pankhurst, exhibition in London

  1. Good, people need to be reminded of issues, they forget so quickly. People and a lot of women/girls in general turn their noses up at feminists and many don’t even realize anyone of any sex/gender can be a feminist – and that they can only snub them or act like it’s not important because those feminists did the grunt work for them to be able to speak now.

    Every time I thin of Pankhurst I’m also reminded of the lady nurse who tried to bring education on contraception and how she was treated. Her husband was tricked in a case of entrapment by really playing on his sympathies for poor people who really couldn’t cope with having babies regularly – and that was done to turn her family against her. People even made it look like she didn’t love her own kids because she was pro-choice/contraception.

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  3. Exceptional, person, would make great movie, she is not known enough by the public, I only heard of her until recent, and I come from London, my parents who were part of the Cooperative Society, never mentioned her, would have thought she was someone that could in part be called a socialist, that’s if we are allowed to mention this word, without the usual interpretation of being unfashionable.

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