Miffy the Rabbit’s birthday

This video says about itself:

Official English YouTube video of Miffy: Miffy and the snowbunny

Miffy loves to play in the snow, to ride her sledge and use her skis, but most of all to make snowbunnies! Snuffy helps her roll big snowballs. Boris Bear comes by, and with his planks they build a ramp to put the head on top of the body. Snowy sticks for ears, rubber playing balls for eyes, and of course… a carrot completes the wonderful snowbunny!

From DutchNews.nl:

€700,000 birthday present for Miffy the Rabbit

Wednesday 12 February 2014

Miffy the rabbit, known as Nijntje in the Netherlands, celebrates her 60th birthday in June with a €700,000 present from the BankGiro lottery organisation.

The money is going to Utrecht’s Centraal Museum and will be used to buy the studio of Miffy’s creator Dick Bruna and re-create it in the museum. The Dick Bruna house, a separate part of the museum, will also get an interactive makeover.

In total, the lottery handed out €62.5m to 50 organisations at a gala event in Amsterdam’s Nieuwe Kerk on Tuesday evening.

Amsterdam’s science museum Nemo received €1m to convert its roof into a city square, complete with statues which react to the elements. The Van Gogh museum gets €1.5m.

A new initiative to create a travelling museum, as part of the annual Parade theatre tour, was awarded the bizarre total of €336,904. The new project involves the national photography museum, the musical clock museum and Rotterdam’s natural history museum.

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