11 thoughts on “Barclays Bank bosses get bigger bonuses, workers get sacked

  1. I don’t know about in the UK, but what was beyond the pale here in the US, was when these “Robber Barons” whose banks were bailed out using public funds pulled the same crap. “Too big to fail,” my ass. There is no such thing! However, there are many of us who are SMALL business owners and we are truly struggling while they refuse to fund SBA loans, bridge finance, factor receivables, etc. All the options that were once available to small businesses here in the US were all eliminated or scaled back. President Obama has tried for five years to put forth legislation, but the Tea Party controls the agenda for GOP controlled House and knee-jerk reject everything the President proposes so it never gets to vote. But we (US middle class/working poor) keep serving those who exploit us and basically subsidized the very people who keep their boots on our throats like the good little serfs we are.

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