5 thoughts on “British suffragette Ellen Wilkinson, new biography

  1. When walking my dog a beagle called Pep, she is 15 months, the most common comment I get, is she is taking you for a walk! I have to explain, she is a feminist, and as such she is taking me for a walk, professional dog walkers hate me, as they say the dog is in control of me, a animal has to be in a connected state of its being, what to me is so revolting is dog owners who see their dog as a extension of them self,those who bark endlessly at animals to command them into a controlled effigy of what they are not, the intrinsic beauty of the animal kingdom is, you learn so much from them.
    One mistake many make as a presumption about animals is that the human being is so much more clever than animals, whereas, animals have skills that humans do not have, not only that, the human race has reached its peak some time ago and is now a declining animal that is on its way out, extinction of the human race is not such a bad thing, after several thousand years of civilization and we look at what this race is doing to each other, such as Syria, and the best brains in our race are unable to resolve this problem.
    At least with animals they may get into a scuffle now and then, but what I quote as the human dilemma is not comparable on scale nor ferocity, as our animals.

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