Big pro-shark demonstrations in Australia

This video is called SAVE OUR SHARKS! Massive Protest On Australian Beach After Government Calls For Shark Cull.

From AFP news agency today:

Thousands rally against shark cull in Australia

1 hour ago

Thousands of people rallied across Australia Saturday against a controversial shark culling policy designed to prevent attacks, saying killing the marine animals was the not the answer.

The controversial policy to catch and kill sharks off popular west coast beaches was given the green light last month after six fatal attacks in the past two years.

It is aimed at reducing the risks to water users and allows baited drum lines with hooks designed to capture large sharks to be set one kilometre (0.62 miles) offshore at busy Western Australian beaches for a trial period until April 30.

Any shark longer than three metres (10 feet) snagged by the lines and deemed to be a threat—including great white, bull and tiger sharks—will be destroyed, with the first casualty reported last week.

The move has angered conservationists and rallies were held at sites around the country, including at least 2,000 people at Manly Beach in Sydney and 6,000 expected at Cottesloe Beach in Perth.

Opponents claim the trial flies in the face of international obligations to protect the great white shark.

Anthony Joyce, who was attacked by a shark off a Sydney beach last October, once shared the Western Australian government’s views on culling the animals, but after doing extensive research he now disagrees.

“The amount of sharks they are going to kill is going to make no difference in the scheme of things,” he told reporters at Manly.

After speaking with shark experts and marine biologists, he now believes greater government support for marine biology programmes and shark education in schools is the way to go.

Another protestor in Manly, Katherine Cook, said she was outraged at the shark killings.

“I’m really angry and incensed that we can’t co-exist with anything,” she said.

“We are going into their (sharks) environment. Why can’t we co-exist?”

At Cottesloe, a female activist chained herself to a fisheries boat to prevent it leaving to set and monitor baited hooks off the coast, the ABC reported.

While sharks are common in Australian waters, deadly attacks are rare, with only one of the average 15 incidents a year typically proving fatal.

In first 3 weeks of West Australia shark cull, majority of sharks caught were still undersized: here.

Western Australia’s bid to extend its controversial shark-cull programme of catching, destroying and dumping sharks of more than 3m in length by another three years is to be assessed by the State’s Environmental Protection Authority: here.

Freediver Lesley Rochat, known as the ‘shark warrior’, has taken part in a campaign entitled Get Hooked on Conservation, Ban Drumlines, which aims to stop the culling of sharks using drum lines in Western Australia and South Africa: here.

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19 thoughts on “Big pro-shark demonstrations in Australia

  1. Typical of Australian authority, if its in the way of Australians, kill it, no idea the fish here as else where have been tenants of the sea for billions of years, only idiots can think that only humans should live on this planet, and all else is to be eliminated or profit made, even if the planet is fast becoming a desolate and planet that becomes a barren waste land, along with the destruction of pomposity, that contributed to the death of what was once a fertile planet.


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  3. Unfortunately this is generally the way of Australian Liberal Governments. They don’t really think beyond short term costs. The environment doesn’t really matter. We only need to see what they are about to do on The Great Barrier Reef, to see their priorities.

    I am Australian so I see and speak out about it all of the time. The Premier of Queensland really sums up the mentality of Australian Governments at the moment: Queensland Premier Campbell Newman told reporters that the government would protect the environment, but not at the expense of the state’s economy. “We are in the coal business,” he told reporters. ”If you want decent hospitals, schools, and police on the beat, we all need to understand that.”

    If you read my latest post you will see how the environment isn’t a priority and perhaps only exists to make money. You would consider the Liberal Party equivalent to the Torries, or The Tea Party. But this current Federal Govt is an extremist Govt essentially put in to power by Big Mining. We even have a mining magnate who started “Palmer’s United Party”, Clive Palmer, now with some seats in govt determining policy! Such is the nature of Australian govt at present!

    The West Australian Govt is also a Big Mining state and has the same mentality. If it moves, or gets in the road of making money shoot it or cut it down. If it is too expensive to put up nets, just kill off the sharks!! That’s the cheapest and easiest method.

    Unfortunately when we kill off the predators we can cause a whole host of problems, as has been seen in other countries around the world. It can cause extinctions or at least decimate a flora or fauna community for decades, due to smaller animal/plants becoming dominant without the predators.

    Humans are very dum, and don’t have a great capacity to think about how killing our environment will kill ourselves. Such is the nature of greed!!!



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