28 thoughts on “Saudi anti-militarist gets fifteen years jail, seventy whip lashes

  1. Shows how British and American interests can support oppressive regimes and support cruelty and mass oppression, a reflection on a small group that control these activities, this group largely faceless, with only a few front men, such as Cameron, Blair, all part of the traditional war lords, a complimentary group to tribal groups, such as the Taliban.
    All part of the repressive regimes, that refuse to die, other than the commitment of death to the other that do not perform animal tricks for the entertainment .of this group.

  2. Awful. Militarism is like a cancer, and seems to exist everywhere. As various incidents have shown over many years the military will do whatever it is ordered to do by politicians who won’t do their own fighting. A solution to this at least in those countries in which military service is still voluntary – Don’t enlist. Politicians cannot fight wars without their cannon fodder.

    • The cannon fodder may be created by the Western Alliance, channeled through the stock exchange, as resources are extracted by Western Corporations, and little money if any is transferred to the people, creating civilians to become press ganged into military.

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  5. L’éléphant saoudien dans un magasin de porcelaine arabe


    Prise dans son obsession de la « menace iranienne », qui l’a conduite à adopter une attitude belliciste vis-à-vis de la Syrie, l’Arabie Saoudite se comporte comme un éléphant dans un magasin de porcelaine, perturbant sérieusement l’environnement politique d’ores et déjà délicat dans le monde arabe. Elle déclenche ce que George Joffé, chercheur au Centre d’Études Internationales de l’Université de Cambridge, qualifiait le 30 décembre dernier de « seconde guerre froide arabe », la première étant celle menée depuis les années 1960 par l’Arabie Saoudite contre le panarabisme égyptien de Gamal Abdel Nasser.

    Lire l’article


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