16 thoughts on “European Union demands more poverty in Greece

  1. I suggest Greece does not pay the IMF back any money, with IMF loans only lead a country in to debt other than those in a country of the loans, make money as individuals in bribery to get the loans happening, and leave the Euro dollar, and have its own currency, it will be difficult to survive the wrath of those who will punish Greece, but better to be guided by conscience than be colluding with the corrupt.


  2. Greek doctors extend strike

    Doctors at the National Organization for Healthcare Provision (EOPYY), Greece’s largest health care provider, voted last week to extend their strike until February 7. The doctors have been involved in rolling strikes since November.

    Doctors are opposed to a bill before the Greek parliament that proposes to change terms, conditions and procedures of suspension and forcibly transfer employees from EOPYY to different health districts. The measure includes a new pay structure that reportedly sees them earning significantly less than other doctors.

    On January 23 doctors protested outside the Social Insurance Institute (IKA) office in Pagrati and held a protest rally. Ioannis Chronopoulos, the vice president of the federation of EOPYY doctors said, “We are on strike not because we ask for a salary increase or for private interests. We are on strike because we ask public health to be free for everyone. We seek for the existing health structures not to be dissolved”.

    According to reports, the Greek Ministry of Health could dismiss around 2,500 doctors through the reforms included in the National Primary Health Network law bill.

    Public sector workers protest in Attica, Greece

    Greek public workers in the Attica region held a four-hour strike January 23 to protest the government’s decision to ban a demonstration, called on January 8 in Athens, as part of protests against Greece’s EU rotating presidency.

    The protest also opposed the arrest at the January 8 protest of Pavlos Antonopoulos, a member of the executive of Adedy, the main public sector workers federation. Antonopoulos was due on trial on January 23 for taking part in the banned protest.



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