6 thoughts on “Sochi Winter Olympics, politics and hypocrisy

  1. Excellent post. TY for putting this out there. Don’t think it will be a peaceful events and the persecution of the LGBT community will be even worse. Reblog ….

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    There is more to this than a simple boycott!! Human rights are at stake. Think of another type of minority if bring LGBT bothers you.
    This IS wrong!! These are huge steps backwards in the process of individual liberties and human rights!
    This is “a bomb” waiting to explode …. May not be in the news bc it will be repressed but the LGBT living there will continue to pay the price and be persecuted. Maybe the government will next come up with their own version of a “pink triangle” …. SMH!!!

    • Thank you for reblogging, dear Horty!

      I have blogged about this previously at


      At the 1968 Mexico City Olympics, “US black sprinters Tommy Smith and John Carlos, respectively first and third in the men’s 200 metres, defiantly raised clenched fist salutes as the American national anthem played.” And the Australian silver medal winner stood in solidarity with them in their fight against discrimination. This became the second best known photo in world history, after the first moon landing.

      I hope something similar will happen in Sochi. At least one candidate for several gold medals is openly lesbian. It might have a big impact, if she would fly a rainbow flag after victory.

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