Egyptian diplomats kidnapped in ‘new’ Libya

This video says about itself:

‘British Women In Aid Convoy Raped In Libya

29 March 2013

A number of women are in “very bad shape” after allegedly being attacked by pro-government militiamen and a taxi driver.

From Reuters news agency:

Four Egyptian Embassy staff kidnapped in Libya: Government

Saturday 25 Jan 2014

Four Egyptian Embassy staff have been kidnapped in the Libyan capital Tripoli, including a cultural attaché, the Libyan Foreign Ministry said on Saturday, after an Egyptian administrative attache was abducted on Friday by unknown gunmen.

No further details about the latest kidnappings were immediately available.

More to follow.

One should hope that these Egyptians will not share the horrible fate of other Egyptians murdered in Libya for being Christians; or of the United States ambassador to the ‘new’ Libya, made by NATO bombs.

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7 thoughts on “Egyptian diplomats kidnapped in ‘new’ Libya

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  2. Pour quoi Bernard-Henri Lévy se tait-il sur la Lybie ?


    Les opinions en matière de droits de l’homme de Bernard-Henri Lévy sont marquées par le deux poids deux mesures, ne manquant jamais d’épouser les lignes de la politique internationale menée par le gouvernement fédéral des États-Unis et par l’Union européenne. N’est-il pas étonnant de constater le silence absolu de cet écrivain à propos de la situation en Lybie, qu’il a pourtant contribué à créer ?

    Lire l’article BHL Libye


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