Indian woman gang-raped for being poor

This video from India says about itself:

22 Jan 2014

In yet another horrific incident, a twenty-year-old woman was allegedly gang-raped in West Bengal’s Birbhum district by at least twelve men, reportedly, on the orders of a village kangaroo court that decided to punish her for having a relationship with a boy from a different community.

According to reports, the shameful incident took place in Subalpur village in the Birbhum disrict, located around 150 kms away from the state capital Kolkata, on Monday night.

From the Australian Broadcasting Corporation today:

Indian village council orders gang-rape of woman as punishment for affair

Updated 2 hours 51 minutes ago

A woman has been gang-raped by a dozen men on the orders of village officials in eastern India as punishment for apparently having an affair.

The village council in West Bengal state ordered the penalty to be carried out after the 20-year-old woman was discovered with a man from another community, a senior police officer said.

The woman was gang-raped after her parents said they could not pay the fine imposed by the council for having the affair.

Twelve people have been arrested over the attack.

The incident took place in Subalpur village, about 240 kilometres west of the state capital Kolkata, after the couple were discovered on Monday.

“The head of the village council held an urgent meeting in the village square on Tuesday when the girl and her lover were called,” district police superintendent C. Sudhakar said.

“The girl and her lover were tied to two separate trees and fined 25,000 rupees ($US400) each as a fine for having an affair.”

The man apparently involved with the girl was freed after he agreed to pay the fine within a week.

The woman was recovering from the attack in a hospital.

The attack again casts India’s record on sexual violence back into the spotlight after national outrage over the fatal gang-rape of a student in New Delhi in December 2012.

The incident also echoes an attack on a woman in neighbouring Pakistan in 2002 on orders of a village council to avenge her 12-year-old brother’s alleged impropriety with a woman from a rival clan.

Six men were sentenced to death for the rape of the illiterate Pakistani woman Mukhtar Maiher in a landmark ruling there. But five were later acquitted and the main culprit had his sentence reduced to life imprisonment.

Despite tougher laws and efforts to change attitudes to women in India’s deeply patriarchal society, the number of reported sex crimes continues to rise.

Earlier this month, a Danish woman was allegedly gang-raped and robbed in the capital after she became lost on her way back to her hotel.

According to Dutch NOS TV, a village council, a salishi sabha, in that part of India is not an elected local authority, but consists of elderly male inhabitants of villages.

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16 thoughts on “Indian woman gang-raped for being poor

    • Yes, indeed. I hope this woman will recover her health after this horrible experience. And that there will be more effective anti rape policies; including abolition of these kangaroo court councils; which privilege people able to pay fines like this.


  1. To remember the 60’s and 70’s, Westerners traveled to India to gain spiritual guidance, the guru’s did not seem to influence as a spiritual force to guide the population of India, to become a more enlightened culture, it is not expected India should become the perfect society, it is the constancy of rape, criminal activities and social iniquities, that draw our attention to a deeper problem within this culture.
    One muses upon the British class system imposed upon India, at the time of colonization, the three class system, and the problem of India’s caste system, creating extenuating circumstance of complexity and moral decay.


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