16 thoughts on “Indian woman gang-raped for being poor

    • Yes, indeed. I hope this woman will recover her health after this horrible experience. And that there will be more effective anti rape policies; including abolition of these kangaroo court councils; which privilege people able to pay fines like this.


  1. To remember the 60’s and 70’s, Westerners traveled to India to gain spiritual guidance, the guru’s did not seem to influence as a spiritual force to guide the population of India, to become a more enlightened culture, it is not expected India should become the perfect society, it is the constancy of rape, criminal activities and social iniquities, that draw our attention to a deeper problem within this culture.
    One muses upon the British class system imposed upon India, at the time of colonization, the three class system, and the problem of India’s caste system, creating extenuating circumstance of complexity and moral decay.


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