Dutch snowy owls news

This video from Zeevang in the Netherlands says about itself:

On January 19th, the third Dutch Snowy Owl for 2014 was discovered in Noord-Holland. Two reasons to get to this bird before dark: after two island birds this one was the first to be discovered on the mainland, so no ferry trips involved. Also this was a male where most Snowy Owls that visit the Netherlands are females. When I arrived, the bird was sitting at quite a distance on a field. Clouds brought drizzle, a very early dusk but luckily also some activity: after stretching and preening the bird took off, flew across the field to land on a fence at a shorter distance. A nice conclusion of an already spectacular day, that started with a Brown Shrike at dawn.

This is another video about that Zeevang owl.

Earlier, this blog wrote that a snowy owl had moved from Texel island to Terschelling island.

That was wrong: the Vlieland owl was still present on that island. Both owls look similar, causing confusion.

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