Britons keep fighting against bedroom tax

Campaigners outside the Royal Courts of Justice in London yesterday morning demanding ‘Axe the Bedroom Tax’

From daily News Line in Britain:

Tuesday, 21 January 2014


‘AXE, axe the Bedroom Tax!’ chanted protesters outside the Royal Courts of Justice yesterday morning, before the opening of an appeal against the hated tax being brought by five disabled men and women.

Claire Glasman of disabled group WinVisible told News Line: ‘We’re here to support people like Charlotte and Jason Carmichael, whose Housing Benefit is being cut by the Bedroom Tax.

‘The government is taking away any consideration for disabled people, grandmothers who have grandchildren to stay, and dads who have kids at weekends.

‘We’re determined to stick up for what everyone needs.

‘Everyone should support people who have various needs in the community.

‘We all have different needs and they should be recognised.’

Ariane Sacco, also from WinVisible, was carrying a placard with a photo of Stephanie Bottrill.

Ariane said: ‘She killed herself because she was worried she would lose her flat over the Bedroom Tax. The sad thing is she would actually have been covered by a loophole in the legislation.

‘The Bedroom Tax should be abolished altogether because it hits the most vulnerable people. The trade unions should take action in defence of people’s entitlement to benefits.’

Paula Peters from Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC), declared over the megaphone: ‘Duncan Smith, we want justice, if we win this appeal you will be breaking the law.

‘We have the right to appeal. The government tried to stop us making it, they are cutting legal aid.

‘Wake up – tomorrow it could be you,’ she warned passers-by. ‘We’ve been hounded, we’ve been persecuted.

‘If it wasn’t for carers, disabled people wouldn’t have a life. We demand justice, we will never stop fighting for it.’

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14 thoughts on “Britons keep fighting against bedroom tax

  1. A strange paradox, the petty and stifling bedroom tax that seems to be aimed at the poor, and yet in London if you are a criminal with money you will find a home here, and you are even close to the monarchy, as a reassurance, you are welcome, to traditions that will live for ever.


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