United States spying in Dutch village

This video says about itself:

Sn-Oops! ‘NSA spying fails to prevent terrorist attacks’

13 Jan 2014

The US National Security Agency has gone to staggering lengths to hoard the private data of millions of people. But all that effort seems to have been in vain. An independent study now suggests that information has simply failed to produce actionable results in averting terrorist attacks. READ MORE here.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

United States equipment in Burum puzzles Parliament

Update: Tuesday 14 Jan 2014, 09:24

The U.S. has its own equipment in a complex in the Frisian village Burum to monitor satellite information. The apparatus according to Nieuwsuur TV show is only accessible for United States Americans with special clearances.

In the complex in Burum the Dutch secret services MIVD and AIVD gather intelligence. On the grounds also Inmarsat corporation is active with the US American equipment, as confirmed by the U.S. Parliament would like clarification on this by Minister [of war “defence”] Hennis.

Inmarsat would only say that it offers services to “many governments” and that the company operates everywhere within the framework of the law.

The Burum site seems to play a role in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

Translated from the Nieuwsuur site:


[The political parties] PvdA, SP, D66, GroenLinks, Christian Union, Party for the Animals and 50PLUS want to know from Hennis-Plasschaert, Minister of Defense, what the Americans are doing with the equipment in Burum. Van Raak (SP): “We need to know what is happening there. It seems at first sight that it is used for military intelligence, but you do not know. We have seen recently that US Americans take every opportunity to spy and I want to know from the Dutch government, especially Minister Hennis, what the Americans are up to and what our involvement in that is.”

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