In Bahrain, demonstrating for democracy is illegal, letting circus lion cubs die is legal

This video is called Bahrain, capital of torture.

This video is called A lion pride – introducing daddy to the cubs – BBC wildlife.

Letter to the editor in Gulf Daily News in Bahrain:

Circus animals face a life sentence!

Posted on Saturday, January 11, 2014

The BSPCA is disappointed to read that the authorities have allowed a circus to perform in Bahrain only two and a half years since the last visiting circus left five mature lions and tigers and a lion cub without proper care, exercise or vet attention for more than two months.

The government, after weeks of discussions with the Culture Ministry, eventually allowed the BSPCA to intervene. However, it was too late. The BSPCA arranged for a big cat veterinary specialist from the Born Free Foundation in the UK to be flown out but the cub died of kidney failure due to dehydration and starvation before the specialist could arrive.

The BSPCA deplores this type of outdated entertainment which sentences animals to a life of cruel imprisonment and mistreatment. They are confined in small cages and prodded to perform tricks completely unnatural to the animal’s normal behaviour.

Short of a complete ban on such “entertainment”, the society urgently requests that the Culture Ministry, which issues permits for such visiting acts, ensures the animals are provided with adequate space and regular vet checks to prevent such a sad situation from occurring again. The ministry should also ensure that the owners have made suitable provision for the immediate departure of their big cats when the circus leaves Bahrain. The ministry had promised the society that the circus would not return to Bahrain unless it had booked return transportation for its animals.

The society’s executive committee urgently requests the Culture Ministry to reassess the way in which they bring this type of entertainment to Bahrain. Modern circus do not have animals performing tricks. It is recognised that caging wild animals and treating them cruelly to provide shallow entertainment is unacceptable in a civilised world. The modern circus provides excellent family entertainment with jugglers, clowns, trapeze artists performing for the public in an exciting and colourful Big Top atmosphere. But there is no room in this modern day for activity that involves extreme cruelty to any animal by confining it to a cage to be taunted, humiliated and cruelly taught tricks for the sake of “entertainment”. BSPCA

Bahrain: Children Deprived from Obtaining IDs and Passports out of Revenge against their Detained Fathers: here.

South Korean authorities announced this week that they are suspending the export of more than 1.6 million canisters of tear gas to Bahrain in response to a global advocacy campaign. South Korea joins a growing list of countries including the United States, France, and Spain that have stopped shipping chemical irritants and crowd control weapons to Bahrain. The use of tear gas has caused dozens of deaths since demonstrations against the repressive Sunni-ruled monarchy began in 2011: here.

Corruption in Bahrain: here.

British Prince Andrew to visit controversial King of Bahrain to celebrate 200 years of relations: here.

The US Continues to Stand by Bahrain: here.

Iran and Bahrain: The New York Times’ Uncritical Take: here.

January 2014: Although at present there are no circuses with wild animals in Scotland the public have until April to submit their views on a potential ban aimed at protecting the welfare of wild animals.The Scottish Rural Affairs Secretary Richard Lochhead said:“I think it’s important to make it clear that there are no travelling circuses with wild animals presently based in Scotland. This particular issue is one which is attracting concern elsewhere and is being considered in other areas of the UK. It is therefore prudent that we also consider the implications for Scotland. “The health and wellbeing of these animals is clearly something which is close to many people’s hearts and is one of the main reasons why we are seeking views in this consultation. The following ethical considerations are explored in this consultation; respect for wild animals, the travelling environment and the ethical cost versus any potential benefit: here.

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15 thoughts on “In Bahrain, demonstrating for democracy is illegal, letting circus lion cubs die is legal

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  4. Animals ‘sold openly for illegal fights’

    Posted on Sunday, January 26, 2014

    PIT bull puppies and cocks for illegal fighting are being sold openly at a market in Bahrain, claims an animal rescuer.

    Tony Waters, from the Dogfather Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre, says he has received information that it happens early in the morning at the Isa Town market.

    The GDN earlier reported how photographs of a dogfight in Isa Town last week provoked uproar by people from all over the world when they were posted on social networking site, Instagram.

    “I will do everything I can to try and stop the sale of animals for dogfighting, especially when they are openly selling these pit bull puppies and cocks,” said Mr Waters.

    “I would urge the people of Bahrain not to buy these dogs and not to encourage these terrible fights, which lead to the severe injury and death of the animals involved.

    “We need the authorities concerned to listen to the information we have about these sales and fights and do something about them, not just pass them on and on.

    “I have received a lot of reports about dogfights recently and if anyone else hears about any taking place, please get in touch.

    “The problem is it is a very secret circle and the times and locations are not announced until the last minute and through word of mouth.

    “They are not openly advertised.”

    Municipalities and Urban Planning Affairs Ministry animal wealth director Dr Salman Abdulnabi Al Ebrahim said he would investigate the claims. “Fighting with animals and gambling is not allowed in Bahrain,” he said. “We will send someone to see what is going on and try to fix this problem.”


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