15 thoughts on “In Bahrain, demonstrating for democracy is illegal, letting circus lion cubs die is legal

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  4. Animals ‘sold openly for illegal fights’

    Posted on Sunday, January 26, 2014

    PIT bull puppies and cocks for illegal fighting are being sold openly at a market in Bahrain, claims an animal rescuer.

    Tony Waters, from the Dogfather Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre, says he has received information that it happens early in the morning at the Isa Town market.

    The GDN earlier reported how photographs of a dogfight in Isa Town last week provoked uproar by people from all over the world when they were posted on social networking site, Instagram.

    “I will do everything I can to try and stop the sale of animals for dogfighting, especially when they are openly selling these pit bull puppies and cocks,” said Mr Waters.

    “I would urge the people of Bahrain not to buy these dogs and not to encourage these terrible fights, which lead to the severe injury and death of the animals involved.

    “We need the authorities concerned to listen to the information we have about these sales and fights and do something about them, not just pass them on and on.

    “I have received a lot of reports about dogfights recently and if anyone else hears about any taking place, please get in touch.

    “The problem is it is a very secret circle and the times and locations are not announced until the last minute and through word of mouth.

    “They are not openly advertised.”

    Municipalities and Urban Planning Affairs Ministry animal wealth director Dr Salman Abdulnabi Al Ebrahim said he would investigate the claims. “Fighting with animals and gambling is not allowed in Bahrain,” he said. “We will send someone to see what is going on and try to fix this problem.”



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