Free North American birds app

This video from the USA says about itself:

Merlin Bird ID–Free app from the Cornell Lab

7 Jan 2014

What’s that bird? Merlin Bird ID is a free app designed to solve the mystery. Merlin asks a few simple questions, then reveals a list of birds that match your description and are expected in your area. It’s designed to make bird identification easier! Enjoy stunning photos and listen to bird songs.

From the Cornell Lab of Ornithology in the USA:

Introducing Merlin Bird ID: A New Kind of Birding App

Information overload is the bane of the beginning bird watcher—as anyone knows who has ever flipped through 40 species of sparrows in a field guide. What if an app could quickly tell you which birds are most likely based on your location, date, and a brief description? Not just which birds theoretically could occur near you, but which birds are actually reported most often by other birders. That’s what Merlin Bird ID does. And it’s free—because we want to make bird watching easier for everyone.

Merlin Bird ID covers 285 of the most common birds of North America (with more on the way). In addition to help with ID, it contains expert tips, more than 1,400 gorgeous photos, and sounds for each species. It’s available now for iPhone and other iOS7 devices, and it’s coming soon for Android.

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