Ethiopian domestic worker’s suicide in Bahrain

This video says about itself:

Stop violence against Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia [NOVEMBER 2013]

Ethiopia and Saudi Arabia have had long standing relations for many centuries both in terms of business relations and people-to-people contacts. Cultural bonds are deep-rooted, strong and ancient. Indeed, they go back to the time of the Prophet when he told his family and followers to take refuge in Ethiopia when threatened by persecution in Mecca. In return the Prophet instructed his followers not to touch Abyssinia’s nowadays Ethiopians.

This video shows how all of this has changed dramatically. Saudi Arabians beating, killing and raping Ethiopians in a cruel and brutal way like never seen before. Please share this video to any media organization, to any Congress and celebrity you get… let’s stop the violence immediately and live a peaceful life.

From Gulf Daily News:

Housemaid jumps to her death from flats


Posted on Tuesday, January 07, 2014

A HOUSEMAID reportedly jumped to her death from the fourth floor of a building in Manama hours after she tried to hang herself.

Medina Agraw Siraj, who only came to Bahrain four months ago, claimed she had been mistreated by her employer and wanted to return home.

The 20-year-old Ethiopian jumped from the fourth floor of Al Dana 4, opposite the Andalus Garden in Gudaibiya, at around 12.45pm on Sunday.

It is understood she attempted to commit suicide by hanging herself by a rope from a ceiling fan and jumped out of the window when she did not succeed.

Ms Siraj was initially hired by a Bahraini family and told staff at the Tihama Manpower Services agency that she had been overworked and mistreated.

“According to the agency, they bought an air ticket dated January 14 for Ms Siraj to go back home,” said Ethiopian community leader G W Demmelash, who is investigating the case.

“I don’t know how true this is.

“The maid came to Bahrain four months ago through an agency and started working for a Bahraini family.

“But she complained of being overworked and mistreated by them and came back to the agency.

“According to the woman we spoke to at the agency, Ms Siraj locked herself in a room and tried to commit suicide by hanging herself using a rope, but failed, and then she jumped from the fourth floor of the building.”

Ms Siraj reportedly sent her final monthly salary to her husband and other relatives before she killed herself.

“We are now trying to get her husband’s number from the agency, but I don’t think they have any of her relatives’ contact details,” said Mr Demmelash.

“We will try to get further details from the agency and if not, contact our embassy in Riyadh to follow up her case.

“This is very tragic and we pay our condolences to her family.” Agency officials were unavailable for comment.

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