17 thoughts on “Commemorating World War I dead, or glorifying war?

  1. AceNewsServices says my one real bugbear’s with War has always been how people “Glorify” war as a mantra of heroism, and then families come out the woodwork saying my son/daughter is a hero. Well he maybe in the eyes of this world, a hero, but l am sorry to say a dead hero, and they are a minus, a son or daughter.
    I know we have to defend our family and our home, but we have turned this around and as happened in World War 1/2 our children have become “Cannon Fodder” to those who want “War For Profit Purposes”


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  3. The coin symbolizes the establishments, part in promoting the dishonesty of the truth of what really happened, it was a war to preserve the privileges of the wealthy and to maintain this wealth at the expense of the many.


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  5. City Archive of Eisenach photos and documents of WWI

    ZDF, Heute Journal, 21:45
    Scroll to 21:50 (fini 26:16).

    ‘Ausstellung zum Ersten Weltkrieg geplant: Stadtarchiv sucht historische Dokumente.’

    Publication (book) by political scientist Prof. Herfried Münkler.
    “Der Grosse Krieg – Die Welt 1914 – 1918.”

    “Peter Voß fragt Herfried Münkler – Erster Weltkrieg – wer war schuld?”
    [Peter Voss asks Herfried Münkler – World War I – who was to blame?”]
    Das Versagen der Eliten. [ The failure of the elite.]
    Die Deutschen Intellektuellen hätten komplett versagt. [The German intellectuals failed completely]


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