Greek woman of Soviet ancestry discriminated against by boss

This video says about itself:

Greek Neo-Nazi Crisis: Golden Dawn protests mount in Greece over murder of left-wing rapper

21 Sep 2013

Thousands of Greeks protest against the far-right Golden Dawn Party, following a fatal stabbing by a self-proclaimed supporter of the group.

From Dawn of the Greeks blog:

Open racism in Greek supermarkets

Posted on January 4, 2014

Store manager asked migrant worker from the former Soviet Union to withdraw because the super market Galaxias “gives jobs only to Greeks”.

An employee of a products promotion company was put to work in the chain of supermarkets Galaxias in Athens, promoting cosmetics. The origin of the employee, however, awakened the ‘Greek’ reflexes of the store manager, who, after a couple of hours announced to her that she had to leave the store because she is not Greek. The unlucky woman didn’t hesitate to declare that she originated from the former Soviet Union, although she has worked in Greece for over 20 years; as well as for the last five years has taken the Greek nationality. According the political website the incident took place in late December.

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