Humanitarian Award, in remembrance of Nelson Mandela


Horty of the blog It Is What It Is has been so kind to nominate Dear Kitty. Some Blog for the HUMANITARIAN AWARD …. IN REMEMBRANCE OF NELSON MANDELA.

Thanks so much, dear Horty, for this nomination, and for all you do!

More about Nelson Mandela is here.

Barbara, who created this award, writes about it:

“I created this award several days ago. I am spreading it out to worthy people. I can do it because I designed it.”

Recipients should nominate 5 people how have demonstrated through their love of writing a Love for the Human Family which encompasses all without regards for differences.

Give credit to the person who passes the award to you.


To be eligible for this award a blogger must blog about the importance or One World, One Family of Mankind and One Love.

My nominees are:


2. Prison Pork


4. Feminist conversations on Caribbean life

5. Wife and War

2 thoughts on “Humanitarian Award, in remembrance of Nelson Mandela

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