Syrian refugees ‘disappear’ in Greece

This video is called Greece: Syrian Refugees Struggle.

By Jason Ditz in the USA:

150 Syrian Refugees ‘Disappear’ From Greek Village in Police Crackdown

Locals Fear Police Forced Refugees Back to Turkey

December 24, 2013

Locals and human rights activists are up in arms today in the remote Greek village of Praggi, where some 150 Syrian refugees who were living in the courtyard of the local church have mysteriously “disappeared.”

The only clue about what happened is that white police vans were seen moving toward the church. After that, all the Syrians were simply gone.

Greek police have been very open about their desire to make life “unbearable” for refugees to convince them to flee somewhere else, but they’ve so far been mum on the Praggi refugees. It is believed they were forced back across the border into Turkey.

Other refugees have had much the same experience with fleeing to Greece, reporting routine beatings and general abuse much in the vein of what they were fleeing from in he first place.

See also here. And here. And here.

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