10 thoughts on “Bahraini royal diplomat prosecuted for beating woman in India

  1. Mumbai: Bahrain diplomat booked for allegedly molesting woman

    Cities | Press Trust of India | Updated: December 25, 2013 20:06 IST

    Amid the row over Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade’s arrest in the US, a Bahrainian envoy has been booked in Mumbai for allegedly molesting the woman manager of his housing society but not arrested due to the diplomatic immunity he enjoys, police said today.

    A case has been registered against Consul General of Bahrain, Mohammed Abdulaziz Al Khaja, for molesting and verbally abusing on December 9 the manager of the south Mumbai society, police said.

    In her complaint, the 49-year-old victim alleged that Khaja had lost his cool after one of the elevators of the building was shut for repairs on December 9.

    He was slamming the doors of the elevator when she saw him and requested him to maintain his cool as the elevator was under repair. However, Khaja did not stop and even ransacked her office in a fit of rage, police said quoting the complainant.

    The victim also alleged that Khaja had touched her and used abusive language during the commotion, police said.

    She approached the Malabar Hill police which conducted a preliminary inquiry and registered a complaint.

    However, police the diplomat has not been arrested as he enjoys diplomatic immunity.

    Police said Khaja allegedly tried to create ruckus again on December 20 in the building.

    The woman said she has been working in the society for the last 10 years. The Bahranian diplomat has been living there for the last five years.

    Khaja has been booked under sections 354 (molestation), 509 (word, gesture or act intended to insult the modesty of a woman) and 504 (intentional insult with intent to provoke breach of peace) of the Indian Penal Code, Malabar Hill police station senior inspector Vinay Bagade said, declining to divulge further details.



  2. Assault on employee: Society wants Bahrain Consul General evicted

    Srinath Rao : Mumbai, Thu Dec 26 2013, 00:33 hrs

    Fed up with the alleged violent and abusive behaviour of Bahrain Consul-General Mohammad Abdul Aziz Al Khaja, the managing committee of the Nepean Sea Road highrise where he lives resolved at its meeting on Saturday to write to the state government to evict him, said society members.

    The resolution came a day after Al Khaja allegedly ransacked the office of the society manager over a power cut. The manager, a 49-year-old woman, was also allegedly assaulted by Al Khaja on December 9, the police said. On December 20, a week after a case of molestation was registered at the Malabar Hill police station, Al Khaja once again allegedly became violent. The manager has been given police security, with two constables and two private security guards outside her office.

    “There was a power cut for a few minutes. He stormed the office but this time, did not touch me. He threw things around and broke a calculator. He also used foul language,” the manager said.

    Following the incident, an urgent committee meeting was convened the next day. “We don’t want him here, and will write to the state government to evict him. Our lawyer is studying the degree of diplomatic immunity he enjoys and will accordingly frame the letter to the Principal Secretary (Chief Protocol Officer), General Administration Department of the Maharashtra Government,” she said.

    Al Khaja’s fourth floor apartment is owned by the state government and leased to the Bahrain Consulate. The manager added that Al Khaja was the first diplomat who had created a ruckus there. “Consul Generals of South Africa and Canada have lived here peacefully in the past. The last two Consul Generals of Bahrain, who lived here before Al Khaja, were nice people,” she said.

    “I couldn’t sleep for nine days after the attack on December 9. In fact, I haven’t been able to work. My primary fear every morning when I arrive to work is that I may pass him by. I want to stay as far away from him as possible,” she said.



  3. ‘Molest’ envoy stays free

    – Diplomatic shield for Bahrain consul-general


    Mumbai, Dec. 25: Bahrain’s consul-general in Mumbai was booked more than a fortnight ago on the charge of molesting and misbehaving with a woman but has not been arrested thanks to the diplomatic immunity he enjoys.

    Mohammed Abdul Aziz Al Khaja was booked on December 9 following a police complaint by a 49-year-old woman facility manager of a residential complex in Mumbai’s upscale Malabar Hill area.

    According to the complaint, Khaja lost his cool after one of the lifts at the building was shut for repairs on December 9.

    He allegedly vandalised the woman’s office, flying into a rage and flinging a book in her face before shoving her.

    Foreign consular officials in India (except the Americans now) enjoy immunity under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, which means they cannot be arrested or prosecuted on any charges.

    In the US, though, foreign consular staff are accorded immunity only under the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, which allows them to be arrested and prosecuted if the alleged offence was not committed in the line of duty and is deemed a grave crime.

    It was on this ground of lesser immunity for consular officials that Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade was arrested in New York on the charge of visa fraud and underpaying her Indian nanny.

    New Delhi has now retaliated by downgrading the immunity accorded to American consular staff in India to the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations.

    The downgrade, however, does not apply to consular staff from any other country. So, Khaja can be arrested or prosecuted only if Bahrain’s ambassador to India agrees to waive the diplomatic immunity the consul-general enjoys in India.

    “A case has been registered against Khaja, but he has not been arrested as he is a diplomat,” Malabar Hill police station senior inspector Vinay Bagade told The Telegraph today.

    Khaja has been a resident of the Malabar Hill building for the past five years while the woman has been working there for 10 years.

    The diplomat has been booked under Indian Penal Code sections 354 (assault or use of physical force on a woman with intention to outrage her modesty), 509 (word, gesture or act intended to insult the modesty of a woman) and 504 (intentional insult with intent to provoke breach of peace), Bagade said.

    The complaint says: “Keeping in mind that the building was over 40 years old, we had recently changed the elevators…. On December 9, Khaja was waiting for the lift. Suddenly, I heard a loud banging noise and when I came out to see what had happened, I saw Khaja slamming the door of the lift. I politely asked him not to do so, but he continued.”

    Bagade said: “The woman rang the police station 20 minutes after the incident. We reached 15 minutes later and recorded the statement of both parties. There was enough prima facie evidence, so we booked Khaja. Khaja in turn asked for police protection, saying he feared retaliation from the complainant.”

    Last Friday, the complainant again came to the police for help, alleging that Khaja had approached her and was keeping on calling her, asking her to withdraw the case, Bagade said.

    “I was scared and tried ignoring him. Finally, after the chairman and secretary approached him, he left,” said the woman in another complaint, adding that she was seeking police protection against Khaja.

    This newspaper tried contacting Khaja but he refused to respond. The complainant too failed to reply to text messages today.



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