Chinese spacecraft lands on moon

This video from China is called China’s Chang’e 3 landing on the Moon.

From the NASA in the USA:

China’s Chang’e-3 and Jade Rabbit duo land on the Moon

December 14, 2013 by Rui C. Barbosa

China’s Chang’e-3 and the lunar rover Yutu (Jade Rabbit) have landed on the lunar surface at 1:11 pm UTC on Saturday. The duo were launched by a Long March 3B on December 1, which was followed by a nominal flight into lunar orbit and subsequently China’s first soft landing on the Moon.

China’s Mission to the Moon:

The Chinese duo have enjoyed a trouble-free flight towards the Moon, with the spacecraft entering a reported 210.3 x 389109.2 km x 28.5 deg orbit during the week. …

This was the first lunar landing since Luna-24 launched on August 9, 1976. That mission touched down on the surface of the moon on August 18 of that year, ahead of a soil retrieving mission that returned to Earth six days later.

7 thoughts on “Chinese spacecraft lands on moon

    • Anyway, better than using resources for militarism. To fully anwer the question, one should know more about the kind of research which the moon rover will be doing; which I don’t know much about. Unmanned space flight is a lot cheaper than manned space flight. So, this mission is probably much cheaper than the US Apollo manned flights to the moon.


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