Truth about Rupert Murdoch, in his own paper

This video from Britain says about itself:

Nick Davies on phone hacking, Murdoch and News of the World

1 July 2011

The investigative journalist Nick Davies on how the phone-hacking scandal has escalated, leading to News of the World‘s announced closure.

Read it backwards: the puzzle in the Sunday Telegraph contained a surprising phrase. Source: Sunday Telegraph December 8 2013

From the Sydney Morning Herald in Australia:

Insult about Rupert Murdoch buried in Sunday Telegraph puzzle

December 10, 2013 – 8:22PM

Led Zeppelin became famous for it. So too did AC/DC, and apparently even Jay-Z.

It’s called “Satanic backmasking” – the embedding of secret messages into music lyrics.

Now it seems that something similar is going on in the kids’ pages of Rupert Murdoch‘s Sunday Telegraph.

Eagle-eyed readers of last weekend’s newspaper may have spotted an unusual assemblage of letters in Harry the Dog’s regular word puzzle.

The puzzle, on page 79, had an “animals of Indonesia” theme, with readers asked to spot words such as “dolphin”, “civet”, and “cassowary”.

But on line three are the letters: LIVESIHCODRUM, or, written backwards, MURDOCHISEVIL.

As Satanic messages go, it certainly has a ring of truth about it.

So was it a mistake? A coincidence? Is a “LIVESIHCODRUM” a new Indonesian species? Or was Harry the Dog trying to tell us something?

This reminds me of Marshal Petain, military dictator of France and ally of Hitler during the German nazi occupation. A French newspaper then spelled the marshal ‘s name as “Putain”, whore. A typo? Or “trying to tell us something”, like maybe about Rupert Murdoch now?

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13 thoughts on “Truth about Rupert Murdoch, in his own paper

  1. Murdock, is a important player in Zionism, his main contribution is the control of peoples mind set, also the masses went along with his scheme, the public acquiesced to his authority of how it is, having the British police also under his control, also helped not only indoctrinate the police mind set, but also he worked with Britain’s secret service and more or less controlled them.


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