23 thoughts on “Canadian war profiteering first, human rights a poor second

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  2. Re: “Canadian arms sales to conflict areas soar” (Gazette, Dec. 9) and “Few war crimes prosecuted, analysis finds (Gazette, Dec. 11)

    Exactly at the same time as we speak of Canada’s contribution to ending apartheid, Canadian military production, promoted by the federal and some provincial governments, keeps cranking out its lethal “goods” for the sake of massive profits.

    It doesn’t matter, does it, whether we sell weapons that kill to governments with troubling human-rights records, such as Pakistan, Egypt, Bahrain, Algeria or Iraq, as long as there are increasing billions to be made?

    Obviously these “Made in Canada” products, be they flame throwers, torpedoes, howitzers or more advanced technology items perversely transform the materials of the Earth into killing machines.

    The work of a food bank or hospital volunteer isn’t entered into the Canadian GDP, but the manufacture of even a single bullet is entered into our growth statistics. In our system, it’s the way of “making a killing” and we need to keep in mind that few war crimes are prosecuted.

    Shloime Perel


    © Copyright (c) The Montreal Gazette



  3. Why is Canada involved in the arms trade?

    Guelph Mercury

    Re: Bahrain, Algeria, Iraq buying Canadian arms — Dec. 9

    On Dec. 9, you had a news item about Canada selling arms and ammunition to Bahrain and two other states.

    The next day, Dec. 10, was Human Rights Day.

    Did Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Conservative government not think that arms trading was contrary to human rights, and that weapons often kill innocent people — children and women?

    It used to be that Canada was a peace-loving nation, but now it seems that trade is more important than peace and human rights.

    How did our government allow this export? Were we involved at all in the making of any of them?

    Just wondering — as a peace-loving, war-hating Canadian.

    Helen Hansen




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