12 thoughts on “Children in poverty in Britain

  1. Since the WW2, and the repayment of so called money owed to America, for American war aid to Britain, this is not that Britain assisted America from becoming as a defeated Nation eventually, the war repayments were paid approximately 1957, a brief respite occurred untill 1967, when the think tanks advisory to British politicians and finance, decided on the control of the masses, this was devised through the use of credit loans, this created debt, for families and the general population, the rest is history, the individual became isolated and consoled oneself with the usual distractions and entertainment to take the mind of of what was happening such as war, man made poverty abroad and the poverty of children, the managers of this plan had at their disposal police, military, media, the finance industry, and the only way out of this web and construct is for the individual to be corrupt as the establishment, only on a micro scale.
    As we can see in Australia the Liberals promised before they got in to power no surprises, and now the GST is a attempt to increase that was supposed not to happen, and also pensions to be given when you are now 70 years old, this is justified as people live longer, what they have not told you is as a result of stress and pollution you may live longer but you are in the main a wreck, as a result of you belong all part of a consumer item designated for the scrap heap.
    What most people fail to understand is the government are puppets, to make money for themselves, and the rest is promises that have no sincerity, whilst the public do not understand who the enemy is , they will suffer the consequence of corruption, on a grand scale.


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