Boreal chickadees survive North American harsh winter

This video from the USA is called Boreal Chickadee in the Maine Boreal Forest.

From BirdNote in the USA:

Boreal Chickadees Stay Home for the Winter

How do they survive the cold?

Boreal Chickadees live in the boreal forest year-round. How do they survive the harsh winter? First, during summer, they cache a great deal of food, both insects and seeds. Then in fall, they put on fresh, heavier plumage. And their feathers are denser than most birds’, creating a comfy down parka. Most impressive? The chickadees lower their body temperature at night from 108 degrees to just 85 degrees, conserving their stores of insulating fat. Hats off to the Boreal Chickadee, a truly rugged bird!

Sound file of podcast about this is here. Full transcript is here.

18 thoughts on “Boreal chickadees survive North American harsh winter

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