Spanish, Portuguese workers fight austerity

This video is called Madrid Garbage Crisis: Spanish capital city covered in litter as garbage collectors continue strike.

Thousands of garbage collectors and gardeners employed by cleaning companies FCC, OHL, Sacyr, and Ferrovial grouped in the Association of Public Cleaning Companies (ASELIP) have been on indefinite strike in Spain’s capital Madrid since November 5. The 6,000 workers are opposing mass redundancies and pay cuts. Last month, the companies announced there would be 1,400 workers laid off out of the total of 6,500 (28 percent), and wage cuts of up to 43 percent. The average monthly salary is between €1,000 and €1,300 ($1,350-$1,750), with younger workers earning €900: here.

A strike of Portuguese public sector workers, in opposition to further austerity cuts of €3.9 billion, including wage cuts of up to 12 percent, received the support of 70 percent of the workforce: here.

9 thoughts on “Spanish, Portuguese workers fight austerity

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