Dutch pintail duck news

This video is called Northern Pintail courtship.

Translated from Birdlife in the Netherlands:

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Last Sunday, November 10th, near Den Oever a whopping 3664 migrating pintails were seen. This is a record number, never before have so many migrating pintail ducks been observed. There were many pintails elsewhere as well. Probably ​​the combination of clear atmosphere, falling temperatures and northerly winds made the pintails go south massively.

Birder Bob Woets is a happy man. On 10 November he counted at his usual migration site near the beginning of the Afsluitdijk at Den Oever 3664 migratory pintails (source: www.trektellen.nl). This is a Dutch record. Earlier, on October 11, 1981 at Maarsseveen (Utrecht province) 2710 pintails on migration had been observed.

November 2013: Northern Ireland’s Lough Neagh, the largest lake in Britain and Ireland, has lost more than three quarters of its overwintering water birds say researchers at Queen’s University Belfast. The study, by Quercus, Northern Ireland’s Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation Science, found the number of diving ducks migrating to the lake for the winter months has dropped from 100,000 to less than 21,000 in the space of a decade: here.

25 thoughts on “Dutch pintail duck news

    • Indeed! And other duck species are even more numerous now in the Netherlands, like hundreds of thousands of wigeons. Many northern and eastern European birds migrate through the Netherlands, making conservation in the Netherlands important.


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