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From Earthjustice in the USA:

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Gray wolf adult with pup. (Alexandru Magurean / iStock)

The Obama Administration has announced plans to abandon federal protections for gray wolves.

Take action now to prevent this premature delisting!

Dear Reader,

The call of the wild is being silenced nationwide by federal bureaucrats. We only have a short time to change their minds. Submit your comment now to keep gray wolves on the federal endangered species list.

Wolves are one of the most iconic symbols of America’s wild places. Yet, for centuries they were ruthlessly hunted, trapped, and poisoned, bringing them to the brink of extinction in the lower-48 states.

Wolves have made gains since being reintroduced in Yellowstone, but their position is tenuous to nonexistent in the vast majority of their former range, including California, the Pacific Northwest, the southern Rocky Mountains, and the Northeast. Despite this, last month the Obama Administration announced plans to strip wolves across nearly the entire continental U.S. of their federal protections.

Will you lend gray wolves your voice so their recovery can continue?

I have witnessed—and defeated in court—a number of flawed attempts to delist and hunt gray wolves, but this is the most far-reaching plan yet. We have seen more than a thousand wolves killed in the past two years, in states where wolves have already lost federal protections. If we don’t stop this proposal from going forward, the assault on wolves will spread to more states.

Save gray wolves from state-sanctioned hunts: send your comment in today!

Thank you for speaking out,

Doug Honnold

Doug Honnold
Managing Attorney

Take action today!

P.S. The Obama Administration needs to hear from each and every wolf supporter, to make our collective voices heard. Please weigh in now, before it’s too late.

Wolf near Blacktail Pond, Yellowstone National Park. (Jim Peaco / NPS)
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 Photo Credits:   Top: Gray wolf adult with pup. (Alexandru Magurean / iStock)
Bottom: Wolf near Blacktail Pond, Yellowstone National Park. (Jim Peaco / NPS)

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18 thoughts on “Save American wolves

  1. In this day and age, we need to take full responsibility… Only this morning I discovered that the Western African Black Rhino is officially extinct – last seen in 2006. Wolves are so wonderful… Yes they do have their critics, however they cannot be eliminated just because of paperwork and the changing of a one or two rules. I’ll reblog straight away!


  2. Reblogged this on metiefly and commented:
    I don’t often re blog, however this article found me on the evening of the day I discovered that the western black rhino is officially extinct. My very earliest childhood memory was of visiting a rhino carcass in the Lake Kyle National Park – my late mother harvested ticks from it to assist in her research. Wolves, like all animals, are special and we need to treasure them and work out the best way to live alongside them. Thank you for reading – metiefly


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