Dutch dragonfly and butterfly news

This is a green-eyed hawker video from Germany.

In 2012, there has been intensive research about butterflies and dragonflies in the Alblasserwaard region in the Netherlands.

25 butterfly species, and 35 dragonfly and damselfly species were found.

Among the dragonfly species is the green-eyed hawker; it expanded its range recently, which may be a good sign of improving water quality.

Other dragonfly species which are doing well are hairy dragonfly and scarce chaser.

Dutch dragonflies and damselflies in November: here.

Dutch dragonflies in 2015: here.

November 2013. The flight season timing of a wide variety of butterflies is responsive to temperature and could be altered by climate change, according to a new study from the University of British Columbia (UBC) that leverages more than a century’s worth of museum and weather records: here.

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