Injured turtle helped by Lego

Schildi the turtle shows of her new Lego paw. Photo Credit: ATP

From NDJ World Mobile:

Turtle Gets New Leg

BERLIN – Veterinarians in Neuried Germany, fitted Schildi the turtle with an artificial leg.

Nov 06 2013

Schildi lost her right front paw during an accident and was unable to move about on just 3 legs.

The vets came up with a creative alternative to the missing fourth leg, allowing Schildi to move about again just like she did before the accident.

A Lego piece played with by veterinarian Marcellus Bürkle’s daughter offered the solution. Schildi’s missing right front paw is now a Lego wheel attached to the bottom portion of her shell.

At first Bürkle fitted the turtle with a double wheel but that proved problematic for Schildi every time she took a corner. The vet replaced the double wheel with a single wheel and before long Schildi was on the move again leisurely wandering through Bürkle’s home and backyard.

Schildi is fully grown and won’t have to be fitted with [an]other ‘Lego prosthesis’ over time. The only time she’ll need a new Lego wheel is when she wears out the old one but, according to Dr. Bürkle considering Schildi’s speed, that won’t be anytime soon.

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