NSA spying scandals update

This video is called Latest Snowden leak: NSA hacked into Google, Yahoo data streams.

GCHQ and European spy agencies worked together on mass surveillance. Edward Snowden papers unmask close technical cooperation and loose alliance between British, German, French, Spanish and Swedish spy agencies: here.

Underlying the crisis over the latest NSA revelations is a deep fear within the ruling elite over the political consequences of exposures of its global spying apparatus: here.

In exchange with Glenn Greenwald: Bill Keller defends role of New York Times in concealing government crimes: here.

Following UK Prime Minister David Cameron‘s threats against the Guardian this week, further parliamentary debate has made clear that the three main parties are intent on suppressing evidence of mass surveillance: here.

Former National Security Agency (NSA) contractor Edward Snowden says he is ready to provide testimony to the German authorities about the espionage activities of the American intelligence agencies. The prerequisite, however, is that he be allowed to stay in Germany or another country that is prepared to guarantee his security: here.

In partnership with the US National Security Agency (NSA), the Canadian state’s eavesdropping agency conducts covert spying operations against foreign governments and diplomatic missions using clandestine listening posts housed in Canadian embassies and consulates: here.

Already mired in a diplomatic crisis in Europe over National Security Agency (NSA) surveillance operations, Washington—as well as Canberra—is facing a backlash in Asia over the latest revelations that the NSA, working in tandem with Australian agencies, intercepted phone calls and data from embassies throughout the region: here.

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