Save coral reefs

This video from the USA says about itself:

5 Sep 2013

Coral reefs are in trouble and efforts are underway to save them.

November 2013: Coral may play an important role in regulating local climate, according to science journal Nature. Marine scientists have found that the coral animal – not just its algal symbiont – makes an important sulphur-based molecule which may assist it in many ways, from offing it cellular protection in times of heat stress to local climate cooling by encouraging clouds to form: here.

3D-printed artificial reefs bring back sea life in Persian Gulf: here.

Coral reef fish have been proved to lose their sense of predators as a result of too much CO2 in the water. Fish living on coral reefs where carbon dioxide seeps from the ocean floor were less able to detect predators by their odour than fish from normal coral reefs, according to a new study. Fish can smell a fish that eats another fish and will avoid water containing the scent: here.

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