Bahraini torture princes in Florida Ironman

This video says about itself:

I was sexually assaulted and tortured to extract false confession – Bahraini medic.

31 March 2013

She explained that she was arrested from her own apartment along with 19 other doctors who disappeared from their homes and hospitals.

While the Bahraini absolute monarchy‘s police keep oppressing free speech and art, and while some of the Bahraini royals are on a very expensive (for both the Bahraini and the Greek people) holiday in Greece … other Bahraini royals are in Florida, USA.

By Erin McDonough in the USA:

Bahrain Royals Lead Team In Ironman, Despite Torture Allegations

10/30/2013 5:26 pm EDT

Two Bahraini princes, Nasser and Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa are currently training in Florida for the upcoming Ironman [Triathlon] competition, which takes place on Saturday. Bahraini human rights organizations have accused both men of serious human rights offenses. Rachel Burke Peterson, Director of Communications at Americans for Democracy and Human Rights in Bahrain, joined HuffPost Live’s Ahmed Shihab-Eldin to discuss whether or not the US government and the Ironman competition should take action in order to address the alleged human rights violations.

Following the advent of the Arab Spring in Tunisia, pro-democracy protests erupted across Bahrain in the winter of 2011. The ruling regime responded with an immediate crackdown, deploying a strong security force.

The Bahrain Forum for Human Rights reports that both Nasser and Khalid Khalifa were responsible for the torture of several pro-democracy protesters. Further, the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights has reported that “Following [Nasser Khalifa’s] directives more than 150 professional athletes, coaches and referees were subjected to arbitrary arrests, night raids, detention, abuse and torture by electric cables and other means.”

Peterson said that the Ironman organization should address these reports and hold the Khalifa brothers accountable for any human rights abuses.

“Our main concern is that to allow them to participate in the Ironman competition… it sets a precedent,” she said, “that…those that commit human rights abuses are no longer going to be held to standards that we would consider to be international.”

While Peterson expressed frustration with the lack of reportage on this story, she feels that overall the US government is increasingly willing to censure Bahrain for human rights crimes.

“We are seeing a turn in the US narrative towards Bahrain and our hope is that [this turn] will [continue to] strengthen,” she said, “and that the United States’ government as well as other leaders throughout the world can encourage the government of Bahrain to stop its human rights violations, to end the culture of impunity, and to listen to their citizens’ demands.”

I hope that Ms Peterson is right on what she perceives as maybe the beginning of a rift between Washington and its dictatorial Bahraini royal allies. Lately, there are indeed some signs of such a beginning of a rift between the US government and the regime of Bahrain; and the regime of Saudi Arabia. This is because so far, there has not been a United States military attack on Syria. Some Gulf royals see that postponement (let us hope: postponement for ever) of such a bloody attack as a sign that President Obama is a “pussy“; contrary to the strong involvement of Gulf royals (including the Bahraini torture royals now in Florida) in fanning the fires of war in Syria.

However, in the near future, there may very well be strong pressure on Obama by the military-industrial complex, by neo-conservatives and by “liberal hawks” within his own administration, to show that he is not a “pussy” by having a bloody attack on Syria after all. If there would be such a dangerous escalation of war, then one may expect strongly that Washington would drop even its most timid criticisms of human rights violations by the Bahraini, Saudi, etc. autocrats; in the name of not upsetting valuable allies in supposedly “humanitarian” warfare.

Panama City Race Organizers, Police Won’t Scrutinize Bahraini Royals Accused Of Abuse: here.

Wanted for Justice in Bahrain: Nasser Hamad Al-Khalifa: here.

Bahrain police close art display on pro-democracy uprising: here.

Britain: Google says there was a report, an hour ago, in the Daily Telegraph; headlined Prince Charles risks controversy by meeting Bahraini leader. However, that page has mysteriously disappeared on the Telegraph site. (Self-)censorship?

58 thoughts on “Bahraini torture princes in Florida Ironman

  1. PANAMA CITY BEACH – Nearly 3,000 triathletes are in Panama City Beach for the 15th annual Ironman Florida event.

    Many have competed here before, and for others it’s their first trip to the Panhandle.

    To say the Ironman Florida triathlon is a big deal for Panama City Beach would be an understatement.

    Ben Rausa the Ironman Florida Race Director said, “This is Panama City’s Super Bowl in the world of triathlons.”

    It’s no wonder it’s attracted competitors from all 50 states and 51 countries, including 2 sons of the Crown Prince of Bahrain.

    Sheiks Isa Bin Salman Al Khalifa and Mohammed Bin Salman Al Khalifa, and their entourage, landed at the Pensacola Airport Sunday night in their private Boeing 747.

    Then they boarded a caravan of black SUV’s for the trip to an exclusive South Walton resort.

    They both registered for the event Wednesday morning.


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    Published: Thursday, November 7, 2013 at 11:34 AM.

    The arrival of two princes from Bahrain at the quiet resort hamlet of Rosemary Beach last week caused quite the stir.

    Reports are that the princes and their entourage filled all the rooms at the newly opened luxury boutique hotel The Pearl, and the B&B across the street, The Pensione.

    The princes flew into Pensacola in a private 747 — one of the largest planes ever to land at the airport — to participate in the Ironman Florida, which took place last weekend in Panama City Beach. Their stay, however, lasted nine days.

    While their presence in the town was supposed to be kept quiet for security purposes, not long after their arrival social media sites lit up with talk of the arrival. The reports said the group would be difficult to miss since the princes were always accompanied by bodyguards and surrounded by members of their group. And if, per chance, you didn’t notice the group it might have been difficult to overlook the plethora of long black Escalades driven by men in suits and ties. Not the everyday sight at the beach. …

    Others were indifferent. And still others thought they should not have been allowed to participate in the Ironman calling attention to the protest raised by a human rights organization, Americans for Democracy and Human Rights in Bahrain, that sent a letter to Ironman CEO Andrew Messick requesting that the princes’ applications to compete in the race be denied. The organization said it was attempting to “alert” Ironman officials of “grave allegations of deeply unethical behavior, including defamation, arbitrary arrest and torture directed and carried out by Sheikh Nasser bin Hamad and Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa.”


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  42. Why is a big jet from Bahrain at the Syracuse airport?

    by Michael Benny

    Posted: 06.18.2014 at 6:15 PM

    SYRACUSE — Officials at Syracuse Hancock Airport won’t say much about the giant white plane from Bahrain parked on the tarmac. All questions about why it is there have been referred to the Bahrain Embassy or Consulate.

    However, several sources confirm the plane carried a prince from Bahrain to Syracuse because he is taking part in the Ironman Triathalon this weekend.

    Bahrain is a small island country near the western shores of the Persian Gulf. The United States established diplomatic relations with Bahrain in 1971 following its independence from the United Kingdom.

    In 2013, two Bahraini princes made news after their arrival in Florida to train for an Ironman there. Bahraini human rights organizations have accused both men of serious human rights offenses.


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