Humpback whale off Norfolk

This video from England says about itself:

Humpback Whale, Horsey Gap, Norfolk 29/10/2013

Some very distant shots of the Humpback Whale, and water spouts.

Reminds me of these humpback whales

Also from England: A humpback whale was seen near Dunwich in Suffolk in what is believed to be the first sighting of the species in the county: here.

British Columbia, Canada: Cacophony of Shipping Noise Found in Humpback, Killer Whale Habitat: here.

Letter From Norfolk

I made a prediction in July. I foresaw that within 5 years we would be watching a Humpback Whale off the Norfolk coastline. Having committed this to print in the latest Norfolk Bird and Mammal Report I was relived yesterday morning when Ryan Irvine called me to say he’d seen one off Hemsby. A first for Norfolk and four and a half years to spare! Good on ye Ryan.

It was later seen further north. I couldn’t make it there yesterday but did make it today and amazingly it was still offshore. Although distant it appeared to be breathing quite well and also feeding accompanied by a flock of diving Gannet.

It was as I was about to move on I noticed the whale had covered an inordinately large distance in a very short time. This of course is possible. They can move quickly. My mind momentarily slipped to asking…

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9 thoughts on “Humpback whale off Norfolk

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