Yellow butterfly on red clover, video

This video is about a dark clouded yellow butterfly on red clover flowers.

This was filmed in Huis ter Heide nature reserve in the Netherlands.

The video is by

4 thoughts on “Yellow butterfly on red clover, video

  1. Very pretty butterfly. The most interesting butterflies I have seen were white ones who had nothing to add to the day – – – except that they always gathered at a specific tiny space about one foot square along side one of my favorite trout streams. It was a sandy spot and year after year they were there. I would like to say that they were there to greet me but they were indifferent to my presence; even when I was one foot away. They said “Go do your trout fishing, we have business here which you do not understand.” And that is the way we departed company; they on a little sandy damp spot and myself being made a fool of by the trout.


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