Caucasian red deer reintroduction in Armenia

This video is called The Caucasian Red Deer.

From the WWF:

Caucasian Red Deer will be reintroduced in Armenia soon

October 2013. WWF has launched a project to reintroduce the Caucasian Red Deer into Armenia with the aim to set up a breeding group of the species in Dilijan National Park.

The project will include the preparation of a breeding center in Dilijan National Park, the purchase and transportation of 4 male and 11 female deer to Armenia, training of the breeding center staff, keeping and breeding of the animals, and finally release and monitoring in the wild.

“This is an unprecedented project for Armenia as this will be the country’s first reintroduction.” said Karen Manvelyan, the director of WWF Armenia.

Highly Endangered

The Caucasian Red Deer is one of the most endangered wildlife species in the South Caucasus. This species, once largely spread in the forests of Northern, Eastern and Southern Armenia, was disappeared a few decades ago due to poaching and habitat destruction. Now it is considered as a species which accidently enters the territory of Armenia from neighbouring countries.

Currently the Caucasian Red Deer is included in the Red Book of Armenia as “Critically Endangered” according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) criteria.

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