Good Dutch sea eagle news

This video from a bird convalescence center in Zundert, the Netherlands, is about a sick young white-tailed eagle there. The video says it is convalescing well, and will probably be set free in about two weeks’ time.

Translated from Dutch regional TV Rijnmond:

14-10-2013 | 14:23

Things are going a bit better now for the young white-tailed eagle from the Biesbosch nature reserve near Dordrecht. Earlier this month, the weakened bird was found in a barn in Hank in Noord-Brabant province. According to ranger Thomas van der Es it is improving considerably and it will soon be set free again in its own biotope.

The sea eagle is one of the two chicks born this spring in the Biesbosch.

[Australian] sea eagle accidentally creates self-made wildlife film after it picks up a video camera set up in the Australian outback to capture footage of crocodiles and carries it 70 miles: here.

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